Marks Warranty

We welcome you on board at Marks Incorporation. From early on into the business, we have been determined to ensure our product’s integrity and durability. Our belief remains that every product reflects the sincerity of our whole team. Therefore, we aim at meeting our customer’s requirements to the best of our abilities. However, if we fail to do so at any occasion, for to err is human, we deem it essential to make it right for you.

Our Warranty:

We guarantee our products to be free of any flaws in regard to our craftsmanship and the materials we use. However, if a product is found to be defected, we will either repair or replace it for you, upon our determination. We won’t be able to offer the warranty service for the products that have undergone misuse and modifications, leading to damage.

Register Your Product:

In order to avail the warranty service, you must register your product with us.


  1. Before sending in your product, please do ensure that the defect is on our part. The product will be further evaluated at our facility.
  2. Fill out the Warranty Form . Make sure not to miss any details. Print and attach this form to the product once it’s packed.
  3. In order to prepare the product for shipping, clean away any sort of dirt or material from it.
  4. Pack the product in a box in a manner that it doesn’t move about, fall off, or harm anyone in any way.
  5. Use a convenient shipping method that may provide you with confirmation upon the delivery of products.
  6. Package can be shipped to USA, Germany and Pakistan.