Energy Policy of Marks Incorporation®

Develop and live energy awareness.

All Departments in the Marks Incorporation pursue the goals
The Company integrated in the Energy Management System apply an energy policy, consistent with our corporate and guiding principles.

Towards our customers:
  • Technological leadership through innovative and energy-saving solutions

Towards our suppliers:

  • Evaluate energy savings through a fair and cooperative partnership
  • Include suppliers in the whole system and ask them to take own measures
  • Joint reflection of energy standards
Towards our employees:
  • All employees are informed and included in the Energy Management System
  • Obligation of employees to cooperate actively, to submit suggestions for improvement and for the minimization of the energy consumption
  • Understand the importance of energy aspects
Towards the environment:
  • Development of environment-friendly products by taking due account of currently applicable legal regulations
  • Reduce the energy consumption and thus the 002 emission over the long term
  • All decisions which are of energetic relevance are made by considering the sustainability, energy saving and/or energy efficiency.
  • The results of the energy saving measures are evaluated at regular intervals
For our processes and products:
  • Increase the energy efficiency to a continuous improvement process
  • Reduce the environmental impacts by practicing a rational and climate-friendly use of energy
  • Continuously update the planned actions to improve the energy efficiency
The Management gives the order to all sites, areas and employees to bring the Integrated Management System to life, to use it consequently, to monitor and adjust it to the latest knowledge.