About Company

We at Marks Incorporation have been dedicated to our aim of providing the best possible services and a unique selection of cutlery products, handcrafted to perfection. With a combination of our experienced craftsmen and young minds, our objective is to offer you a large range of cutlery products to choose from fruit knives to swords in Stainless-, Carbon- and Damascus-steel.

Using innovation, high quality materials and state-of-the-art facilities permits us to convert our ideas into better products every day, while ensuring high quality, compliance with laws and regulations, and minimal environmental impact. Producing our own Damascus steel and high focus on heat treatment enables us to manufacture the perfect product; Durable, Sharp, Rust free, Brittle, Odourless, economical and Eco friendly.

With the CEO, an Industrial & Manufacturing Engineer, working at the centre of the things, and fostering a work-friendly atmosphere, the employees are driven to contribute to the products to the best of their abilities. Satisfied employees means optimum productivity.

Our commitment to customer service enables us to be receptive of and responsive to our customer needs and demands. Hence, they can have masterpieces of their own, by getting the desired products customized to their requirement.

Marks Incorporation is a company which continues to focus on quality control, cost-effective production, product integrity and durability, and caters to the need of their customers in an adequate manner.